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Stilwell Award

Mike Stilwell was one of NCSWEOA’s founding members who served as a code enforcement officer for Mecklenburg County for over a decade. Mike is remembered for providing outstanding service to his community and was known for his ability to achieve voluntary compliance. Mike was a model public servant who had the abilities and expertise to navigate complex compliance issues with tact and good humor. In an effort to acknowledge Mike’s contributions to public service we present the Stilwell Enforcement Officer of the Year Award on an annual basis to recognize those NCSWEOA members who exemplify the traits, skills, and knowledge that were demonstrated by Mr. Stilwell.

Nominations Closed for 2017

We are no longer accepting nominations for the 2017 Stillwell Award. We will announce the recipient at the Conference.

Previous Stilwell Award Recipients

2016- Duane McGuire, Harnett County Sheriff’s Office Environmental Officer

Deputy McGuire was nominated for his ability to intermingle with military personnel as well as the diverse citizens who call Harnett County their home. He has revived their solid waste ordinance, implemented an anti-litter campaign focused on securing loads, started a waste diversion program to donate usable products to local nonprofits, and issues multiple citations and warnings each month for illegal dumping. Those who nominated Deputy McGuire had to following to say about him:

“He takes his job seriously and has a deep passion for the protection of the environment for his fellow man and the wildlife.”

“He shows compassion for his job that goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

“Litter control is a monumental problem and would be overwhelming to most, but Deputy McGuire is not intimidated. He charges on.”

2015- Kathy McVey, Environmental Enforcement Officer, Cumberland County

2014- Jeff Sparrow, Code Enforcement and Recycling Specialist, Wayne County

Mr. Sparrow was recognized for his dedication to public service and contribution to protecting the environment and public health with utmost professionalism and tact.