North Carolina Solid Waste Enforcement 
Officers Association

2018-19 Winter Workshop Series Highlights

Program I: Agency Updates
March 28, 2019
Maxwell Agricultural & Convention Center, Goldsboro 

Susan Heim, NCSWEOA President, welcomed attendees to the workshop. 

Kim Wheeless, NCDOT Program Outreach Coordinator, discussed options

for litter management with workshop participants.

Caleb Sinclair, Rowan County, moderated an open discussion on litter control.

J. R. Horne, Code Enforcement Officer, Scotland County, presented a case study

highlighting the importance of friendly enforcement.

Tim Fuss, Director of Law Enforcement Training Programs, Cape Fear Community College,

provided an intelligence update on sovereign citizens, gangs & anti-government extremists.

Deb Aja, Western District Supervisor, presented DEQ updates.

Jessica Montie, Environmental Program Consultant, NCDEQ, discussed effective planning for disaster debris in NC.

NCSWEOA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. PO Box 134 Terrell, NC 28682-0134

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